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Jannet Walsh Field Notes - Learn English with Jannet Walsh
Jannet Walsh Field Notes – Learn English with Jannet Walsh

By Jannet Walsh

Field Notes debuts with learning English as featured topic.

I’m Jannet Walsh, a certified English teacher specializing in teaching non-native English speakers. Field Notes.media is my website to connect with non-Native English speakers around the globe.  A Google Translator can be found on the sidebar of this page if needed, to read this this story.

Birth of website – During the opening days of the homestay in Minnesota at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, I had an idea of creating a website to share information to help others. The site remained under construction until July 2020, now ready to share.  Here you will find information to help non-native language speakers of English, including videos, stories, tips and tricks, and more as the site develops overtime.  The name Field Notes, is related to a notebook or sketch book used by scientists or artists to share observations from an adventure or expedition.  The pandemic made me think each day is an expedition. The English language will be the topic of the online Field Notes, with resources to help learning English as a foreign language, or anyone interested in visiting the site.

Short biography – My background includes university assistant professor in strategic communications and multimedia, public relations, journalism, photojournalism, a columnist  on career and business topics and a career coach.  You can learn more about my academic and professional background from my LinkedIn Profile.

About English certifications: I am a certified Teacher of English to Students of Other Languages,  TESOL Certified).  I have also completed course work for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification, July 2020, from International TEFL Academy, Chicago.  My Master of Fine Arts in English helps committed business professionals improve their job performance and secure future career and educational opportunities by advancing their communication skills in English.

Learning English tip of the day

Watch YouTube videos for learning English

  • Online videos – Start watching videos in English to increase your language skills. Use YouTube or other sources for videos.
  • Subtitles on and off – Watch video first time with English subtitles, second time without subtitles.
  • Stop video, look up words – Watch video and stop at words or sentences you don’t know, or understand.  Write down new words, then use dictionary.  If you don’t have a video, no problem, use an online dictionary, such as Learner’s Dictionary, Macmillan Dictionary. The Cambridge Dictionary online includes audio recording of pronunciations, with essentials for American English.
  • Record yourself speaking – Watch video, record yourself repeating sentences you hear in video.  You can use your smart phone or another recording device. iPhone users can use Voice Memos, or search for another audio recording app.  You can use your computer to record video with audio.  Mac user can use their Photo Booth or QuickTime Player applications.  If you are a Windows users, here’s the Windows Camera  application directions to start recording yourself speaking English.
  • All language skills engage – You will be working on listening, speaking, writing and reading, all while watching videos.
  • Save videos – Save your videos, and you can watch your language skills progress over time.
  • Even better,  watch a series of your favorite videos in English
  • Practice, practice, practice – Repeat the same steps as above as many times as needed.
  • Confidence building – You will increase your confidence and vocabulary by watching videos in English!

Private online tutoring – My guidance has helped prepare countless university students, including international students, for their first job interviews, and polish their communication skills.

My English language coaching is tailored to meet your specific needs, and to achieve your goals.  I will use the same passion in teaching my former university students in the classroom to help refine your English language skills during online sessions, and bring clarity to your accent. Please read more about learning English with me.

If you are interested in find out more, please use my contact page to connect and set up a free 30-minute strategy session.  You can also use the contact page of Field Notes.

Let’s connect!
I look forward to helping you achieve your professional goals by advancing your English skills.

I am passionate and committed to helping you improve your life through mastering the English language.

Best wishes,

Jannet Walsh


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